KDD Engineering


Project concept development

  • selection of an appropriate building area & a land;
  • object zoning & improvement, its social infrastructure;
  • architectural utility of the object project;
  • project execution schedule;
  • financial efficiency analysis of the project;
  • market analysis, development of the price formation & sale strategy.

Control & managment of the project designing & coordination

  • professional development of the technical requirements;
  • analysis & selection of the object management concept;
  • data reporting of the object building process;
  • analysis of the project current state;
  • forecasting activity of the project targets;
  • quick response to the changes;
  • quality control guarantee of all the works.

City-planning permission documentation

  • documentation package formation;
  • cooperation with the state bodies & subcontracting companies;
  • obtaining of the approval documents;
  • protection of the investors’ interests;
  • performance of all contract works with the builders.

Main works contractor & managing service

  • organization of the building works complex;
  • project documentation approval;
  • plan drafting of the project to be financed;
  • object supplying with the building materials & equipment;
  • occupational health and safety compliance;
  • guaranteed due date;
  • implementation of the construction design supervision.

Customer supervision & putting into operation

  • instructions & rules development of the real estate object;
  • development o the maintenance service plan;
  • providing of the security service & complex object cleaning;
  • foresight of the emergency with the guarantee of prompt response;
  • management of the utility bills;
  • the material-and-technical supplying of the object in general.

Tenant mix. Real estate sale

  • selection of the responsible & financially reliable tenants
  • drafting of all the necessary documents to the financial management & tenant’s relationship control;
  • market analysis to make an attractive real estate price.
Completed objects

Residential complex

Luxury Apartments




DOMA Center

Property Projects


Domino's Pizza

Residential complex
"NEW YORK concept house"


Format: residential complex
Number of floors: 24
Address: Kiev, Goloseevo, Vasylkivska, 100 A
Apartments: Studio apartments with design, furniture and home appliances

Standard One is a new standard of European style dwelling in Ukraine.

Right after obtaining the keys you can use your new property – to live yourself or  for lease. The  apartment is  renovated , furnished, network is set-up,  all home  appliances are connected.

Standard One partnering with the Israeli company takes all the responsibilities to provide residents’ comfort. The staff will clean your apartment, make minor repairs and install the electric appliances.  You can order a delivery with the store or the café by phone,  it will be delivered to your door. There are also own laundry, coworking, dentist and gym available.

The advantages of S1: minimum of worries, maximum of the time for work, study and family.

1 minute to the metro station «Vystavkovy centre», 20 min to  Kyiv centre.

In the neighbourhood there is the Goloseevsky Park with its lakes, the Exhibition centre with the jogging & bicycle tracks, the hippodrome with the house club, restaurants, banks, pharmacies,  outpatient clinic,  kindergartens & schools.


PecherSKY Luxury Apartments

Built: 2013
Object format: the residential complex Premium class
Total area: 80 000 sq. m
Location: 2, Bolsunovska str, Kyiv

PecherSKY was developed according to the 10 local standards of Eurocode. Safety & reliability of all the kinds of the constructions, the quality of the finishing & ten variants of planning – PecherSKY has enough to offer to the most demanding investors to the future residence.

The panoramic scene of the residence of PecherSKY was designed taking into account the light day: to use maximally nature light in winter & to prevent from its excessive activity in summer.

Comfort & safety of PecherSKY residence consist of small details:

  • Huge lobby providing the five star hotel service;
  • Parking lot with 285 parking places for the residents & in addition for your guests with lifting system;
  • 13 high-speed & absolutely noiseless lifts “KONE”, made in Finland with the guaranty;
  • 5000 sq м of secured courtyard (with football & basketball play ground & closed children play ground, of course);
  • 149 cameras for twenty-four-hour watching of the complex & surrounding area.
  • The team of professional managers, engineers & service staff that work at any time of the day & at night for your comfort in PecherSKY.

PecherSKY offers the solution from one to seven room apartments , two level flats, penthouses and, at last, the apartments with open terraces. All of them were designed very flexible to the individual rearrangements, also they can be jointed with the neighboring apartments. The finishing materials give you the opportunity to chose any color range & the style of your future home.


Built: 2005
Object format: the residential complex Premium class. Business centre
Total area: 78 000 sq m
Location: 59, Gylainska, the intersection of Gylainska & Pankovska streets, Kyiv

The ideas of condo were used while designing DIPLOMAT HALL (living apartment complexes with inner infrastructure) of the USA, Canada & Monaco. It gave us the opportunity to design the inner space of the complex, in other words – the fantasy about 5-stores or 28-rooms flat can be brought into life with DIPLOMAT HALL.

The complex was put in commission in 2005 with two kinds of entrances – a wide front door decorated with the red wood, marble & granite & inner courtyard entrances for your convenience.

There are load lifting zones from the inner side. DIPLOMAT HALL is comfort & service of rational things:

  • Access to the area, the parking lot & elevator systems of the complex just with the using of the magnetic key-card;
  • The parking lot with the guest parking places, car washes & with the inspection pit for the minor repairs;
  • The modern combined extract-and-input system;
  • The central water-purification system with the possibility of personal solution for each apartment separately;
  • The one operations control center for the stuff working twenty-four-hour;
  • The central heating system with the own boiler room & the modern fire-fighting system;
  • No-break power supply with the own electrical substation;
  • Every day cleaning of the flats, the rooms of the complex & building surrounding grounds with manual operation; – Own cleaning staff, gardeners, plumbers, electricians, administration service & security service;
  • European system of the separation, rubbish removal & recycling of waste.
  • There are the bakery with fresh morning pastry , restaurants & cafe, gym & fitness center, 3 beauty salons, nail-studio, children game room, clothes stores & dry-cleaning, wine store with bar & flower store, medical center with the pharmacy and offices of international companies.


Built: 2003
Object format: the residential complex Premium class. Business centre
Total area: 33 000 sq m
Location: 12, Panas Mirny str, Pechersk, Kyiv

Vvedinsky is in the historical heart of Kiev – in Pechersk. It is only 10 minutes ride to the most picturesque place of the capital – Botanic Garden. There are two metro stations nearby, it’s only 2 km to Khreschatyk, the way to the airport “Kyiv” will take 20 min, you will be in the airport “ Boryspil ” in 35 min.

Vvedinsky is served by its own housing, it has its own security & concierge service, which Works twenty-four-hour & without days off.

The main advantages:

  • The walls made of red brick with additional thermal insulation;
  • 3 modern soundless speedy lifts OTIS in each section of the complex;
  • Its own safeguard parking lot for the residents & for the guests.
  • The improved flat planning with the spacious living rooms & panoramic views to the historical centre of Kiev; – – The high-quality service of the complex
  • There are many supermarkets, bank departments right on the ground floor of the complex, restaurants & shopping mall


Built: 2006
Object format: the residential complex Premium class. Business centre
Total area: 26 500 sq m
Location: 119-121, Saksaganskiy str, Kiev

The residential complex “BOTANIC TOWERS” is in the center of Kiev near the Botanic Garden named after the academician Fomin. The advantageous location of the complex is the main factor for many residents, who prefer to work & to have rest in the capital center.

The living comfort in the BOTANIC TOWERS is the combination of high quality materials & the service of Premium class:

  • Reliable solid structure of the floor slabs & outer walls;
  • Twenty-four-hour security service of the area & concierge service in the small botanic hall of the complex; – Personal maintenance & service department;
  • Heating system from the steam boiler-house;
  • Plastic steel windows with double glazing & noiseless lifts OTIS in each section of the house.

The ground floors of the complex are the main offices of the big international companies, there is almost no vacant commercial area left. To live & to make business in the city center is possible now without any compromise before the rest. Of course, if you have a residence with the panoramic view to the Botanic Garden from BOTANIC TOWERS.

DOMA Center

Built: 2014
Object format: Shopping Mall
Total area: 8 147 sq. m
Location: 40, Builders str (the crossroad of Builders str & Popudrenko str), Kyiv

Shopping Mall “DOMA” was put in commission in December 2014. Within the total area about 10 thousand sq m, the object itself occupies 8 147 sq м. The solid- skeletonized construction with reinforced concrete will guarantee the lasting quality & earthquake resistance of the building. Additional thermal insulation ( by stone mineral wool) outer walls made of brick.

Like other shopping and entertainment malls “DOMA” has a glass, ventilated facade & flat construction of the roof . There are clothes, shoes & accessories stores, supermarkets Billa, restaurants Puzata Hata, Mafia, Casta, Lviv Chocolate Shop, souvenir stands & kids goods in the shopping mall “DOMA”.

Also there is a big store of the sport goods & household appliances storein, manicure salon & other services salons in the shopping mall. There is a comfortable parking lot at the territory of the shopping mall. The shopping mall is the favourite place for shopping among the residents of Darnitsa. Because it’s “DOMA”.

Property Projects

KDD ENGINEERING is the best choice for the projects of cross functional use (Mixed-use Property Projects). We will give you an expert estimation of the facade & inner buildings, also we will process all the documents & permissions for every kind of work. The team of our architects & designers will offer you some solutions according to the requirements to the commercial property.

The reconstruction of the restaurant net is controlled by many rules & requirements, that’s why KDD ENGINEERING pays great attention to the engineering of the building systems. The designing of the kitchen, the choice of the equipment, the design of the clients’ zone – these are only some among the dozen of tasks for the developing company. Functional possibilities extension after the reconstruction is always converted into the profit indexes & into the increasing of the market price of the object. What about the visitors, the successful reconstruction establishes sense of the place which they chose for the business lunch with the colleague, the unhurried dinner at the weekend & for the celebration of the most important moments.

The work over the marketplace project is never limited just with the selection of the building. The comfort & success of the shopping malls stars at the entrance to the parking lot, continues in the stores plan forethought , & indeed never ends. That’s the work of the developing company over the shopping mall reconstruction. The format & the positioning of the object, the definition of the ultimate service radius & the correspondence to the city planning conditions – these requirements to the shopping mall are unknown to the visitors. But it’s just they that define whether the visitors come back or not.

“Puzata Hata”

Founded: 2003
Object format: the restaurant net of the Ukraininan cuisine
Monthly visitors: over 2 million
Points in Kiev: 15

The restaurant net “Puzata Hata” is the largest in Ukraine. After the foundation of the trade mark the brand became very popular in Kiev & other big cities thanks to the pithiness & clarity of the concept. “Puzata Hata” is a variety of the national cuisine, bright interiors & available prices. Besides the quality of the food delivery, cooking & service are under the permanent control.

We have a lot to offer our customers: more than 300 points in the menu, regular renewals & promotions. The best evidence of the love to the restaurants “Puzata Hata” is a part of our permanent guests. More than 55 % of the visitors became our permanent guests after the first visit. That is why many suppliers are intending to work with us. They are chosen by three stages to keep a high quality which “Puzata Hata” is loved for.

The restaurants “Puzata Hata” are always situated in very profitable districts of the city, with good transport junction , with comfortable parking zone. Our rent agreements are always long-term – we are certain with our income.

Domino's Pizza

At the Ukrainian market: since 2010
Object format: the pizza restaurant net , delivery service
Points in Kiev: 20 pizza restaurants
Delivery value: more 2800 pizzas a day

“Domino’s Pizza” Ukraine is a part of the biggest pizza delivery service in the world. The company itself was founded in 1960 & after 55 years it has been generating an annual income over 600 billion dollars a year. More than 12 thousand of pizza restaurants in 79 countries in the world, and since 2010 in Ukraine.

For 5 years “Domino’s Pizza” has made more than two million of deliveries over Ukraine & has opened twenty pizza restaurants in Kiev. The citizens of the capital like the brand concept very much. Now the standard is 30-minutes courier delivery to any place in Kiev.

Yes, we were one of the first who started working twenty-four-hour, it has increased the quantity of the ordered pizzas to the 3 thousand a day. According to the standards pizza “Domino’s Pizza” is baked only in the oven & only there. And the most important ingredient is sauce. We have increased our menu with salads, crisp bread with fillings & with our latest offer – pies by national recipes.

Residential complex
"NEW YORK concept house"

Format: residential complex
Number of floors: 21
Address: c. Kyiv, street Antonovich, 74-78
Apartments: 1 bedroom from 41 sq meters, 2 rooms of 61 sq m, 3-room apartments of 91 sq meters.

Modern house designed using concepts & traditions of New York architectural firms. Intelligent comfort, smart-solutions in building construction and apartment plans, comfortable green zone around the house in the heart of the capital. Ready-to-live established infrastructure:

  • 1 minute walk to the supermarket
  • 2 minute walk to one of the architectural symbols of the city – St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral
  • 2 minute walk to the nearest park
  • 7 minutes walk to the closest metro stations
  • 7 minutes walk to nearby shopping and entertainment centers, cafes and restaurants
  • 20 minutes walk to the Kreshchatyk st.

The residential complex is located in 20-minute drive from the airport “Kyiv-Zhulyany” and it will take only 30 minutes to get to the airport Borispol. The project will be implemented in urban style.

Based on the values of the city and its young community residents, “NEW YORK concept house” offers a unique ergonomic and efficient living space in the center of Kyiv.

Projects under construction

Standard One Terminal

Standard One Terminal

Format: apart-hotel
Number of floors: 24
Address: Kyiv, Solomenskiy district, vul. Polzunova, 1B
Apartments: Comfortable apartments with designer interiors, furniture and all the necessary hotel facilities
Expected time of delivery: III quarter of 2022

Standard One Terminal is a business-class aparthotel. In the model of investment in the Apart-hotel, the owner buys an apartment and receives profit from it. All the apartment contents and attracting guests will be made by the management company.

Standard One Terminal apartments are financial instruments that can be used to make a profit, sold back to a management company, or sold as a ready-made business.

KDD Engineering company
is one of the leaders of the developing
companies in Ukraine since 2003.

KDD Engineering develops a diversified portfolio of the projects in the real estate field, in particular: builds office & residential estate, shopping malls & deals with the projects of combined purpose. The company provides the complex service “flat-to-flat”.

At present day KDD Engineering has system experience in the management, in the building & the exploitation of big developing projects such as: residential complex of premium class “PecherSky”, “Diplomat Hall”, “Vvedensky”, “Botanic Тowers”, the shopping mall “DOMA Center”, and also a wide range of shopping facility. The main target is  to create complex solutions such as “ from the project to the reality” & to develop new standards at the market of commercial & real estate in Ukraine.

KDD ENGINEERING will take all the responsibilities for Your project questions starting from the planning, the control of the process & the builder & finishing by the paperwork. We are improving the experience of many years at the Ukrainian market by the using of the international standards & clear building conditions. One telephone call to KDD ENGINEERING today –  it’s one of many correct decisions for Your future.